Group Exhibition#10

|  André Ramos  | Artur Ascenso  |  Daniela Lalá  |  Elisa Sousa  |
|  Francisca Jarimba  |  Henriqueta Moita  |  Myrko Linden  |
|  Pedro Machado  |  Rubina Carvalho  |  Salomé Machado  |
|  Teresa Ascenso  |  Tika Linden  |

Drawing with Light
01.11.2013  >  19.01.2014

This exhibition is the result of a children’s photography workshop run by Camilla Watson, during which she taught the basics of analogue photography. The children, aged 6 to 11 years, started by constructing their own pinhole cameras. The cameras contained photographic paper that revealed a negative image when exposed to light. A temporary dark room was set up in the gallery so the images could be developed. After drying, the images were digitalized and printed onto photographic paper. Here we exhibit some of the negative and positive prints. During the workshop they also explored the ‘photogram’ technique, making camera-less photographic compositions using opaque objects placed directly on sun-sensitive paper.

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